Suman Architects | Vail, Colorado

Michael Suman, AIA

Michael Suman, Suman Architects Vail, Colorado

Michael Suman AIA founded Suman Architects in Vail, Colorado, in 2004, which specializes in custom residential and light commercial design.

As a boutique firm, Suman Architects is dedicated to providing personalized design and service. Our mission is to tailor the design process to meet the unique needs of individual clients, while unlocking the true potential of their properties. We are driven to deliver imaginative solutions, yet are also drawn to long lasting friendships with our clients.

Suman Architects pursues work in all environments and offers a range of services from Full Architectural to Interior Fixed Finishes and Lighting Design. With a very hands-on approach, Michael Suman oversees each project through all stages.

A native of Minnesota, Mike followed his creative spirit to earn a professional degree in Architecture at the University of Minnesota. Prior to founding Suman Architects, Mike worked for international and national award winning firms in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Vail, Colorado. When not designing, Mike enjoys an active mountain lifestyle with his family.

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